A bit of history

I grew up on two-strokes

From the age of 7, I rode the wheels off a 1974 Yamaha Trial 80 (thanks Dad).  My parents had a nice little cabin on a lake (still do), and the adjoining pasture land was owned by my grandparents (now owned by my parents).  This is when my passion for motorcycles began.

trial 80

Back then, you could ride the highway ditches and play in the county-owned gravel pit without looking over your shoulder for a superfluous helicopter parent or a bored county sheriff…parents would only REALLY worry if you didn’t get back before dark.

It’s kind of like the documentary On Any Sunday if you haven’t seen the movie, you are doing doing a disservice to yourself.

After an engine rebuild, I still find time to ride the Trial from time-to-time (along with my family). My wife says I look like a big silver-back gorilla riding it.

I graduated to a 1986 Yamaha YZ80 after out-growing the Trial (thanks again Dad).  This is when I fell in love with two-strokes – I had no idea that a pipe with a real expansion chamber could produce a permanent smile as the RPM’s went up.  My dad took one ride on it, got off (shaking his head), then muttered something about me ending up in the morgue as he walked away.  It was the last time he rode it.  At that point, I knew I had a winner!


Later I owned a couple four-stroke four-wheelers…I raced the local district 23 hare-scrambles on a mildly built 400ex (bored, high-compression piston, etc) with some sweet Elka shocks; and although it was great fun in the woods, I missed the two-stroke experience.

So, I was drawn to a grandfathered in two-stroke street bike, I found it last February on eBay – in Iowa no less (a three hour drive to pick it up).