Finally, running like a top!!!

After putting some miles on the bike (about 75 or so), and after trying to get the idle right (tweaking it a bit each ride), I came out to the garage one morning to find a strong odor of gas.  I didn’t fully trust that old vacuum style petcock (even though I completely rebuilt it).  Sure enough, the cylinders were full of gas, and gas was dripping out of the exhaust pipes.

I stopped by Sport Wheels in Jordan, MN – looking for a possible replacement.  They had plenty, but the employee I talked with indicated that most of the used petcocks probably suffered the same issues.  Even after a rebuild, he said, the pot metal matting surfaces are often pitted with age.  He said (with a laugh) if I had the tooling from Suzuki, I could clean up the surfaces; other than that I could either put in-line fuel shut offs or get an aftermarket petcock.

Given I had spent 7 months on the frame up rebuild, I wasn’t about to hack around with some shut off valves.

I ended up getting a very nice Pingel petcock manufactured in Wisconsin – (part number 3311-D-AH if anyone is interested).

In addition, I replaced the pilot jets, the idle (pilot) screws, the needle jets, and the float bowl valve assemblies.

The GT250 is now idling like it came off the line in Japan!

PS – (1/1/2020) this was my first rebuild, I now know I could’ve cleaned up the petcock by sanding down the surfaces a bit.  I learned quite a bit during my rebuild that others have dealt with – but when you’re in the moment (and writing about it), it is what it is.

(if you’re having problems viewing this, you can see the video on YouTube)