The Purchase

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, other than the requirement that it was a two-stroke.  See, I was born in the ’70’s, so I never experienced a two-stroke bike that was street legal.

At the age of four or five, my dad owned a Honda CL350, and he gave me a ride or two on it (I still remember the exhilarating ride with him – in front, holding onto the handlebars).  Sure, it wasn’t a two-stroke, but still, I was sold.

cl350  In February of 2015, fishing around eBay, I found the perfect restore candidate (probably because it was February in MN with nothing else to do).  A couple of photos from the ad:

gt250-1gt250-2In hindsight, every eBay photo looks pretty good.  The bike had about 3500 miles on it – but when you peel back the layers, you quickly realize that 40 years of “old” really adds up.

None the less, I was the highest bidder (at a fair price), and my wife and I headed down to pick it up.

On return, I built a make-shift motorcycle stand to support my ambitious plan to have it up-and-running by June 1 (a soft date, but still something to shoot for).

gt250 on standIn the meantime, I found a Haynes repair manual on eBay.  Compared to other Haynes manuals, the one for the GT250 isn’t quite as detailed and a bit harder to understand – but generally will get you pointed in the right direction.