The tear down (part 1)

The very first thing I learned with a Suzuki GT250 is to loosen the exhaust support bracket (by the footpeg) before attempting to loosen the headpipe.

Sure, it looks like you can just use a big screwdriver and hammer on those nifty exhaust pipe slots to remove the pipe from the exhaust port (as I did with the Yamaha Trial 80); but after 10 minutes of hammering and spinning the exhaust pipe collar, it wasn’t coming off (all with a few choice words).  After loosening the support bracket, the pipe came off really easy!  I ended up having to have the crank shop re-thread the exhaust port on the left cylinder.

exhaustSo, after the first gotcha, the first part of the bike came apart quite nicely…



Engine out…

engine out

first frame

Be sure to take pictures of every nut/bolt/part before you move on – you will thank yourself on reassembly.  Also, put each parts section in a disposable cup(s) labeled with a permanent marker with what exactly the parts are for…at the time, you will think, “oh, I’ll remember where this goes,” but you won’t after 50 more nuts/bolts/parts come off.